I suppose my climbing career is all down to my parents really. I remember it was during the school holidays and they were looking for something to keep me entertained. My local leisure centre had just opened a climbing wall and they were offering free taster sessions for kids to try it out. Having exhausted every other activity on offer there my folks signed me up.

I can recall to this day the feeling of pure enjoyment I got when I first pulled on. I loved everything about it, the people, the difficulty, adrenaline and sense of personal achievement. No other sport had come close and I think I have been chasing that feeling ever since.

I was about 13 and struggling academically in school. I think my parents saw climbing as the key to my life and they used sessions as motivation for me to do homework and revise. I spent pretty much all my free time down there trying whatever I could and copying what all the strong guys were doing.

My local wall was always really into comps and they held regular bouldering and leading leagues, I entered these and did OK so I thought I would try the larger events. I entered the Southern Indoor Bouldering League, BRYCS and BBC with mixed success.

I really enjoyed the competitive environment and it seemed to bring out the best in me.

I continued with comps for a few years but when I turned 16 and moved into the senior category I got totally shot down. I was totally out of my depth competing against the likes of Malcolm Smith and Ben Moon and quickly lost interest and shifted my interest to real rock.

It was not until 2008 that I decided I really wanted to try comps again. I thought that I would enter the British Bouldering Championships and use it as a test to identify how I needed to improve. I ended up qualifying for the final and coming 7th. Following this I was asked onto the Bouldering team and was one of the proudest day of my life so far.

The team have given me great support and direction in my training which I feel has made a lot of difference. I feel really privileged to compete for my country and hope to show continued improvements in the years to come.

My current competitive highlights include:

  • 3rd – British Championships 2010, 2011 & 2014.
  • 10th – Sheffield World Cup 2011
  • 2011 World ranking of 40

My ultimate competitive goals are to become British Champion and win a World Cup Event. Outside I want to climb 9a, E10 and boulder V15.

Currently, I live just outside London and work full time as director of two companies. I spend most of my time training, competing and climbing outside.