Things and people you may want to check out.

“Beastmaker” – The name is becoming a brand synonymous with training and success. Pushing the limits of their bodies in pursuit of difficulty, they make tools that work for those with the motivation.


An extremely passionate, committed and talented video and photography company specialising in climbing and extreme sports. Based in Sheffield they capture life and history as it unfolds in an entertaining way.


Ben is a London based photographer and designer who enjoys shooting a variety of subjects including music and live concerts, climbing, portraits, architecture, cityscapes and weddings. “I enjoy experimenting with different photographic styles and pushing my skills in new directions. I work on a freelance basis and I am available for commission.”

Element chiropractic is a holistic practice which offers bespoke treatment for many physical health complaints including low back and neck pain as well as shoulders, toes and most everything in between!

I have been working with them recently to help fix some injuries and they have been total lifesavers.