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04 May 2012

Vienna Boulder World Cup

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Firstly I just want to say how awesome it is to see Shauna crushing again. It is a total inspiration to watch.

I’ve had a very busy and exciting week at work since my return from the latest round of the boulder world cup in Vienna but it has given me some time to reflect on things.

To write about the should, would, could of’s seems both counterproductive and a little too much like a broken record. Suffice to say that I am once again disappointed in my result, but taking solace in the depth of talent in the field and my personal developments.

The web casting company are now uploading each round of the competition onto YouTube after each event and I am finding it really beneficial. As a competitor you never get to watch yourself climb or compare your own performance to your peers.

This post comp self analysis is really helping me psychologically and I am learning some key (albeit obvious) things:

  1. Everyone falls.
  2. I am by no means the strongest, but I am at a standard good enough to compete.
  3. You don’t have to do all the climbs to succeed, but it helps.

In addition to these “revelations” in terms of my personal development I do feel I am making gains. I am much more relaxed when competing, I feel I can read the problems and know how to complete them, and my skill set is good enough to compete. My ability to execute the problems is still however the biggest and most persistent issue.

I am really looking forward to heading back to Innsbruck in two weeks for the next round, the European Championships which were held there two years ago were amazing and I am very pumped up for it.