09 Jul 2018

100 Days

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Since 2015 I have pretty much been out of the climbing game but for the past 100 days I have been training hard trying to get back into shape.

I set myself the goal of entering the #bbcs2018 as it was and is one of the highlights of my year whether it be spectating or competing.

100 days doesn’t sound like much but it has taken pretty much everything I have mentally and physically. Fingers, elbows, back, shoulders I’ve hammered them all and whilst my prep was far from ideal, I made it.

The result was never important (unlike the Don @davebarrans I’m too old for that), it was a somewhat cliche journey of self re-discovery and in the end, out on the mats I actually had fun and it feels great to be back amongst the climbing community.

Thank you @bbcsport for creating the absolute highlight of this process possible and giving my niece the opportunity to see me ‘doing climbing’ for the first time.

Huge thanks also to everyone who’s got me back enjoying climbing again but specifically these legends that somehow got me to the start line in pretty much in one piece @robinoleary @tricky_newheightsfitnesspt @dcpetts @davidmason85 @minaclimbing @cristianocosta11 you are all hero’s.

Finally, a huge congratulations to all the finalists and winners @nathanphillipsclimbing & @hannahslaneythat was some inspirational schizzle.

Now to eat ALL the food, recover, regroup and set the next goal.

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