07 Aug 2018

Always maintain three points of contact.

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Note to self – Always maintain three points of contact.

Like any sport there are a number of facets to climbing that I enjoy; social, mental, environmental, technical and physical being some that spring to mind.

Naturally, the technical and physical aspects have always been the ones that give me the greatest satisfaction but over 20 years of climbing I’ve developed a dependency on them and I feel like they’ve narrowed my vision and defined me as a climber.

In 2015-17 I took a long break from climbing and coming back from this period of abstinence has been hard. I’m simply not the same person and the realisation that I’m nowhere near the same level I was (and in reality might never be) is difficult and I feel like I’m having to completely recalibrate my association with the sport. As a result, I’m on a bit of a journey to see what it is that I enjoy the most about climbing now and what I will focus on in the future.

I’m trying to get out as much as I can to re-experience all that climbing has to offer and this weekend it was DWS. It’s always a discipline that my brain has found incredibly hard to compute. It’s a complete sensory overload and my irrational fears always take over when climbing outside of my comfort zone.

This trip I was determined to try and overcome the fear so I spent time working on the basics doing lots of practice jumps into the water from increasing height to gradually acclimatise with the height of the walls.

This teaser clip is the result of me, post-practice jumps trying to flash the iconic route Adrenochrome. It perfectly sums up the experience – literally all over the place, still scared out of my mind but having sooooo much fun, I think. And, no, I didn’t top it this time but I was pleased to go out fighting. Sound on for full experience!

Thanks to the team for the support on another epic day.

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