23 Aug 2018

Go big or go drone

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I’m on a little-forced hiatus for a few weeks from climbing or any training for that matter as I recover from some cortisone injections to two fingers and an elbow.

You’ve probably read a number of other athletes getting in on this action recently so it seemed like the en vogue thing to do. I’m joking, it was a huge decision and not one that I took lightly, apart from surgery to my knee i’ve been super lucky with injuries over the years and always managed to work through them.

There are definite risks associated with the treatment but they were affecting my day to day life let alone climbing and after prolonged physio treatments and looking after myself things were showing no sign of improvement.

Anyway, the break has given me time to edit some footage from DWS a few weeks ago which has been fun. I think it’s fair to say that drones are a real game changer now, particularly for sports like climbing where access can be so difficult.

I’m not sure how the idea came about but I guess it was in true spirit of the route that an obligatory velociraptor face mask was worn and always ensuring a safety-first approach the HMS Karabiner bouyancy aid was also in play due to low tide.

Due to some tiny and misplaced eye holes in the mask I was unable to use central vision and had to rely on my knowledge of the route and peripheral, in addition, it seemed to restrict my oxygen supply so by the top I was definitely hyperventilating.

I’ve said it before but I think Animal Magnetism is one of the best routes I’ve ever done in the UK and in its position with the sun, warm waters and good company it was a fantastic experience.

Looking forward to more this winter although hopefully not deep water.


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